Brooklyn Boulders Foundation envisions a world where all youth and adults, regardless of their ability, feel empowered to climb. We seek to eliminate real or perceived barriers to, and create more opportunities within, the rock climbing community.

Adaptive Climbing Group

ACG is the largest national adaptive climbing program in the United States, with over 1000 participants annually. ACG is the only adaptive climbing program that creates access for all ages and disabilities in indoor, outdoor, ice, rock, and competition climbing, 365 days a year.

City Rocks Youth Experience

We expand access to, and experiences, in rock climbing, through continued opportunities, for youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity. BKBF will bring these experiences, through a partnership with City Rocks, a youth-serving organization in our community, across the country to our facilities and beyond.

At every gym I have been to it is easy to find a community of supportive climbers, but never have I felt like a gym supports the surrounding community the way Brooklyn Boulders does. A commitment to not only its customers, but to the community that surrounds it is what sets BKB apart from other gyms around the nation. Programs like City Rocks make me proud to call myself a member of BKB.

Trevor Simpkin

Moria is absolutely amazing. She’s so supportive and so nice. She’s part of what makes me love this program…. It’s really helpful because whenever I have problems outside of rock climbing, she’s a person that I can go to.

Angelina NelsonOn her City Rocks mentor, Moria Sloan

Hopefully we are inspiring life long climbers. Furthermore, I think we as mentors stand as ambassadors for the values of BKB and help advocate the larger mission of BKB and its brand.

Tim Ryan

Because of City Rocks I've gone from being a casual climber who tried it out just for a new experience with day passes to someone with a BKB membership who visits the gym twice per week.

Keith Kaminski

Climbing here is climbing. We're on the same wall, ropes that everybody else is, every other member, every abled bodied person.... And I think that's fantastic. Its totally breaking down social barriers of sensitivity and coddling of people with disabilities."

Quemuel ArroyoAdaptive Climber; Accessibility Coordinator NYC Department of Transportation

I think one of the biggest benefits is the community.

Al SchieweLead Volunteer Trainer, ACG Chicago

Community Impact

We strive to serve the communities we are connected to, through our programs, partnerships, and collaboration. We work together to create continued opportunities for the communities we live in to have access to experience climbing.